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Monday, December 19, 2016

Seasonal Greetings

Uganda, Mauritius, Morocco, Switzerland

Just preparing installations of Newbase PressProduction systems in  Uganda, Mauritius, Morocco and a PressClipping system in Switzerland.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Newbase GmbH is now Ninestars Services GmbH

Newbase GmbH has got a new company name, which is now Ninestars Services GmbH

From a legal standpoint of view, it is a mere change of the name. The company body remains unchanged, all important data will stay the same. This is especially true for the address, the trade register number, our bank details, and the VAT number. For you it will be only required to change our company name in your data bases. Of course all maintenance contracts and other agreements remain fully valid. You can still reach us under the known phone numbers and e-mail addresses. At the same time we will slowly move from to in our communication with you.

From an organizational standpoint of view, our development department and parts of our international support department are now operating from India.

From a confidence level standpoint of view, Ninestars Information Technologies Ltd. - a leading provider of media monitoring services and main shareholder of former Newbase GmbH and now Ninestars Services GmbH - shows its commitment to the Newbase products and services by putting former Newbase GmbH under the umbrella of the world wide renowned and highly respected brand Ninestars.

>>> see Ninestars website:
>>> see press release Ninestars acquires Newbase GmbH (Dec 2012)

Ninestars Services GmbH will continue to use the trademark Newbase for its software products and software related services. Therefore for example the name for the product Newbase Cut&Paste will stay Newbase Cut&Paste

Christian Heinisch
Managing Director

Ninestars Services GmbH
Rödingsmarkt 14
20459 Hamburg

Monday, February 22, 2016

A special couple

This couple (95 and 91 years old, married over 70 years) represents German history. On 6 October 1945,five months after the end of World War II in Germany, the Süddeutsche Zeitung was the first newspaper to receive a license from the U.S. military administration of Bavaria. The first issue was published the same evening. The first article begins with: "For the first time since the collapse of the brown rule of terror, a newspaper run by Germans is published in Munich. It is limited by the political necessities of our days, but it is not bound by censorship, nor gagged by constraints of conscience." (1)

Click here to see full page
Shortly before the first issue was printed, the man on the photo had returned from his war time captivity, had found his wife again, which had fled to West Germany, and they were working on a farm, when he signed a subscription of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. And since the first issue, he and his wife receive and read the Süddeutsche Zeitung every morning till today, which is over 70 years and 20.000 issues later. He is probably one of only few subscribers from issue 1 on, who are still alive.

While the roots of print lie in the past, the roots of online news exchange and communication developed in the 90s. Today the old couple also has an iMac, but it is only used for online banking, email or skype with the kids and writing down the memories (unfortunately Word contains a lot of shortcuts and the shaky hands often touched the Ctrl-key instead of the directly neighbored Shift-key, which as you can imagine may initiate many unwanted actions. So the left positioned keys Ctrl and Caps-Lock had to be broken out of the keyboard, which solved a lot of problems). News reading or online search did not reach them anymore. An also available iPad is only used to connect to a Wifi-camera and see, who ringed the bell.

Will online media ever be able to build up such a strong long-lasting connection with their readers? Will there be Facebook-friends who will stay and daily interact for the next 70 years? We do not know and the question is senseless, time will give the answer, but it seems to be clear that information is key to any human life and that the way how information reaches the people is constantly changing.

So maybe it was my destiny, that these two loyal lovers of print media became my parents and that - as a part of Newbase - I am now helping media monitoring service providers worldwide to manage print monitoring workflows.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Seasonal Greetings from Newbase

Greetings of the Season and 
Best Wishes for a New Year full of peace and happiness!

We want to thank our customers, our colleagues at Newbase and Ninestars and our friends all over the world for a wonderful year full of great experiences and challenging projects!.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ninestars White Papers:
StarView, Photo DeDupe, Senseive

Just came across some new white papers written by Ninestars which present and discuss several new service products, which may be of interest for you:

StarView - a service for publishers:
fully automated intelligent ePaper-creation 

StarView StarView from Ninestars is the world’s first fully automated intelligent ePaper solution. It delivers instant True to Print online editions to eReaders. The source content is transformed into ePaper form and distributed through diverse channels to reach readers anywhere and on any device.

>>> read the white paper "StarView"

Photo DeDupe - a service for newswire firms:
analyze visual content and identify matching images 

Photo DeDupe image platform uses distinct features to analyze visual contents and identify matching images. De-duping also helps in identifying images which are cross linked to wrong ones. This image matching platform is built to scale and can handle more than 200 million images. This paper describes the principles and advantages of Photo De-dupe platform.

>>> read the white paper "Photo DeDupe"

Senseive - a service for newswire agencies:
screen content and track consumption 

Senseive is a media tracking and compliance platform which allows wire services and media houses to screen content and provide insights on consumption of their content and use predictive models to generate key business decisions.

>>> read the white paper "Senseive"

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The new Indian Newbase team

a blog post written by Newbase's Head of Development and Support Dr.Anja Claussen:

The new Indian Newbase team

The last 3 weeks I spent at Ninestars in Bangalore, India, to train a team of 3 people that will help us in the development and support of the Newbase software.

We had a deep look into the source code together. My new colleagues implemented small enhancements to practice their new knowledge, we made several installations of the Newbase clipping system, the MediaPortal, iSpider and discussed the different configuration options.

I was very impressed by Ninestars' professional working style and the deep technical knowledge available there. I often had a hard time finding answers to all their sophisticated questions.
The huge development and infrastructure team always delivered fast and profound help for every technical question. A great example for high flexibility and fast reaction was shown, when an expert Java developer joined the team on just one day notice to have a look into the Newbase MediaPortal.

Nandi Temple
So I had a great time in India working with an enthusiastic team. I loved the wonderful food, and over the weekends I even found a bit of time to enjoy the colorful vibrating city Bangalore.

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace
I am looking forward to work together with this team in the future and make new developments available to the Newbase software.

I also appreciate Ninestars' commitment devoted to support the Newbase software and the Newbase customers.

>>> Nandi Temple (Dodda Basavana Gudi)

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Worst flooding for over 100 years across parts of Southern India - Ninestars battles the elements to meet eClips deadlines

Through its blog, Ninestars' client ‘NLA Media Access’ expresses great appreciation for the extraordinary efforts being put in by Ninestars to ensure that production work meets the deadlines despite the hardships caused by the cyclone.

"Ninestars battles the elements to meet eClips deadlines"

learn more:
>>> NLA-Blog:
>>> BBC: Indian troops battle deadly flooding in Chennai

Thursday, November 26, 2015

A new dot on our map: Morocco

1978 on the road to Morocco
Early next year Newbase will add a new dot to its installation map: Morocco. We just received the purchase order.

I am thrilled to personally help with installation and training onsite. 37 years ago I hitchhiked from Germany to Morocco and back, school just finished, 3 months on the road ...

At that time I did not care about media monitoring software and outsourcing of clipping workflows - no surprise, because these products and services did not even exist at that time. But today Newbase does indeed know a lot about media monitoring software, monitoring workflows, remote clipping and outsourcing, and we are looking forward to share this knowledge with our new customer in Morocco.

I can't wait to finally see Morocco soon again.

>>> Newbase workflow software
>>> Ninestars services for media monitoring service providers

Monday, November 23, 2015

Big Data meets Big Life: Monitoring insights, Vienna Waltz and Bollywood charm #wmic15 #_fibep #ninestars

Four days of intense knowledge exchange, a programme packed with numerous highlights, renowned speakers, a FIBEP Award Dinner in the Wappensaal of the Vienna City Hall followed by Viennese Waltz, and - certainly the social top highlight - the Ninestars Anniversary Gala to celebrate 10 years in MMS and 200m clips in the Redoutensäle of the Hofburg.

Michelle Harold and Elena Carro Lopez did an unbelievably great job in turning the Redoutensäle into an elegant dinner location followed by a color- and powerful Bollywood dancing presentation, which turned into a thrilling dancing party for everybody, where professional dancers inspired the crowd to show nice moves.

This is business life at its best: receiving deep insights into the latest developments of the monitoring industry, talking to sophisticated people and fully enjoying life - Big Data meets Big Life.

My vote is: nine stars on a scale of eight ;-)

>>> #wmic15 on twitter
>>> Thank you, FIBEP, and the congress organisation team
>>> WMI-Congress
>>> more images: Gallery of FIBEP-Congress

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#FIBEP - we are coming ... (#FibepVienna, @_FIBEP)

FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress Vienna 2015
As a Technical Associate Member Newbase GmbH is looking forward to attend the FIBEP conference 2015 in Vienna from 17 - 20 November. The list of attendees and speakers is a complete Who's Who of the world-wide media monitoring market and we are quite proud, being a part of the FIBEP-world since many years!

Markets and technologies constantly change and evolve and so we have to change and evolve, too. The acquisition of Newbase GmbH by Ninestars Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2012 has been a major change and a milestone step from a pure software developer towards a more service oriented solution provider for media monitoring companies.

Today Newbase GmbH can be your partner for
  1. workflow software for inhouse production
  2. inhouse evaluation software with added Ninestars remote services (a great way for Newbase customers to seamlessly take advantage of clipping services offered by Ninestars)
  3. full service coverage by Ninestars

>>> FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress Vienna 2015
>>> Ninestars Information Technologies Pvt.Ltd.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to digitize 32 million newspaper pages ...

Sep 30th - Oct 3rd, 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany
... "32 Millionen Seiten! Die Digitalisierung der Zeitungssammlung der Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Aarhus" (= 32 million pages! The digitization of the newspaper collection of the State and University-Library of Aarhus) is the title of a short lecture, which Newbase will soon hold in Karlsruhe during the "Deutscher Archivtag" (= German Archive Congress)

Lecture will take place at Sep 30th, 2015, 4pm
The lecture will describe the planning and progress of a milestone project in digitization, which was won, planned, managed and is currently still processed by Ninestars Information Technologies P.Ltd.

Newbase was involved in the early pilot phase and supported Ninestars in setting up the final system, before the scanning workflow moved to its final destination in Denmark.

Newbase and Ninestars are specialists in article clipping technologies, be it software or be it services.

Article clipping and extracting technologies play an important role, when it comes to media monitoring as well as historical newspaper digitization. Ninestars is a market leader in both areas and is also the main shareholder of Newbase GmbH since 2012.

>>> Ninestars P.Ltd.
>>> 10 million pages milestone

Monday, September 07, 2015

Meet and greet

Let's share our conference calendar with you. The remaining months of this year are highlighted by important conferences, where you can meet Newbase and where we would love to see and talk to you!
September 17th -18th
kommunikationskongress in Berlin, Germany
We will be there as visitors. You will find us in the lounge area, in the cafeteria, and on the dance floor of the legendary speaker's night.
This is our version of "guerrilla marketing", which means "advertisement strategy concept ... to promote ... products or services in an unconventional way" => from Wikipedia
September 30th - October 2nd
Archivistica 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany
Our booth-number is 4 and we will be there to present the services offered by Ninestars for libraries and archives.
This is our contribution to classical marketing strategies.

November 17th - 20th
FIBEP conference, Vienna, Austria
You will find us at the Ninestars booth. Ninestars is the Platinum Sponsor of the FIBEP conference.
Software and services for media monitoring services providers will be our focus - and we are looking forward to meet many of our customers in Vienna
FIBEP is classical marketing and guerrilla marketing and much more. FIBEP is simply something very unique, a must-go, a must-be-there, a must-learn-the-latest-developments, a must-enjoy, a must-meet-the-whole-monitoring-world.

Monday, August 17, 2015

IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Cape Town: Ninestars and Newbase in South Africa #ifla #wlic @ifla

From today, August 17th to Wednesday 19th, Ninestars is exhibitor at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, presenting the special digitization services, which Ninestars is offering to libraries and archives. The Library of Australia and the State and University Library, Arhus, Denmark, are amongst those who profit from Ninestars' experience.

>>> Ninestars video: Solutions for libraries worldwide

Also there as "special guest": Mr. Tim Zander from Newbase, acting as VP sales of Ninestars.

Newbase supports Ninestars in preparing and managing library projects in Europe.
For example Newbase contributed significantly to the Aarhus microfilm digitization project:

>>> Video: 32 millions newspaper pages to be converted from microfilm to digital
>>> Zooming presentation: digitization of 32 million newspaper pages from microfilm
>>> Presented at IFLA 2014 Lyon: Digitise to Discard: 32 Million Newspaper Pages in Three Years

By the way: did you know that Newbase has a long-lasting relationship to South Africa? With five different media monitoring service providers in South Africa using our Newbase software for print and online clipping, South Africa is in fact the country with the highest density of independent Newbase installations outside of Germany.

For this conference our focus is on library digitization and archiving.
Please visit Michelle, VP Sales from Ninestars, and Tim from Newbase in Cape Town at booth C112!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Heroes in media monitoring: The Media Council of Kenya

In the year 2012, the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) in partnership with GIZ installed a Newbase Press Production system at the MCK secretariat.  The system facilitates monitoring and analysis of print, online and broadcast media.

Here are two citations from MCKs website:

Digital Print Media Monitoring
 With assistance from GIZ the Council has procured a print module to monitor print media in Kenya.
  • System scans newspaper pages
  • Recognises text and imports the scans into the database for further processing
  • System shows highlighted keywords belonging to customer or topic profiles and offers a complex set of clipping tools.
The Media Portal offers a customer-individual presentation of all collected articles, fulltext search, meta data search, creation of individual press reviews and also acts as the internal archive of all articles.

Kenya Media Program/HIVOS
Media monitoring reports regular feedback meetings with Stakeholders:
Based on the Code of Conduct for the Practice of Journalism in Kenya, the Council carries out continuous media monitoring of television, radio and print outlets in Kenya. The data collected through the Newbase (print and online) and Volicon (Broadcast) systems are synthesised, published and presented to different stakeholder and groups, frequent meetings held with media practitioners including media owners, editors, content developers and journalists to discuss content in terms of quality, presentation and representation of issues. The discussions will aim at correcting any breaches found in media reporting.
The monitoring and sharing of the results on media performance and issues based coverage of political debate and media sphere therefore focus on quality of coverage of Constitution implementation, devolution, election cycle, integrity of those vying for public office, media freedom, the Bill of Rights (with emphasis on minorities and marginalised groups including women) adherence to the Code of Conduct for the Practice of Journalism in Kenya and the judiciary in relation to handling of journalism related cases.

The Newbase-based workflow delivers the base products for the next step performed by the Media Council: in-depth analysis as indicted by the samples below.
from: Ethical & Professional glimpse Report 2014

from: The Coverage of the Presidential Aspirants 
by Kenyan Media ahead of 2013 General Election

Media Monitoring reports of the Media Council of Kenya can be found at: 
Congratulations to Dr.Haron Mwangi and his team!

>>> website of Media Council of Kenya
>>> Media Council of Kenya in Wikipedia
>>> Media Council of Kenya on Facebook

Friday, July 03, 2015

New overview presentation

We have added a new overview presentation to our blog, which shares a fast Newbase product overview without too much text to read ;-)

Product Overview
start presentation
(the same presentation is used in our overview video, where you can additionally enjoy my German English slang ;-) => click here to watch the overview video)

Special: Remote Clipping
start presentation

(the same presentation is used in our remote clipping video => click here to watch the remote clipping video)

>>> Newbase video channel on Youtube

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Ninestars is Platinum Sponsor @_FIBEP #Fibep in #FibepVienna

Ninestars is the Platinum Sponsor of the upcoming FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress, which will take place in Vienna, Austria, from November 17th to 20th.

Newbase - as integral part of the Ninestars family - will be present at the Ninestars booth.

The FIBEP Secretariat has just sent out issue #1 of the congress newsletter to all FIBEP-members.

This newsletter contains one paragraph, which I personally want to forward to all our customers, partners and friends:

"We would like to also encourage all of our members to openly invite their clients and partners to the open days of our congress (Thursday and Friday), as well as CMOs, CTOs and CIOs. We will be hosting a Technology Stream alongside our entire FIBEP congress. The Technoloy Stream is an opportunity for all members, partners and providers to showcase their work and what their companies have to offer as well as discussion of topics which are relevant for our members and the industry. "

We from Newbase are extremely delighted about the opportunity to share this invitation and want to invite our clients and partners - especially if they aren't FIBEP members yet - to take advantage of this opportunity, come to Vienna and learn about the FIBEP community!

And of course we are looking forward to meet the regular FIBEP members from all over the world in Vienna - many of them using Newbase software as their production workflow software.

>>> FIBEP World Media Congress (infos and registration)
>>> Ninestars Information Technologies (P) Ltd.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Ninestars reached a huge project milestone: 10 million newspaper pages digitized! #microfilm #digitization

(Google translation)

Newspaper Digitization Project has just completed one of the major milestones in the project - we now digitized more than 10 million newspaper pages.

We have chosen to celebrate the round number with a brief status video where Berlingske plays a central role, while today we were visited by our Indian supplier Ninestars, so we can mark the milestone.

Former posts about the Aarhus project:

>>> September 6th, 2013
>>> February 14th, 2014
>>> April 15th, 2014
>>> May 10th, 2014
>>> October 13th, 2014
>>> February 25th, 2015

A nice video to celebrate the 10-million-milestone has been published by the State and University Library of Aarhus

>>> Ninestars' blog post "State and University Library Aarhus 10 Million Pages Digitized

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Remote clipping services

From July 2015 on our fourth customer will start using the remote clipping services offered by Ninestars. Remote clipping services means that Ninestars' experts perform the task of clipping the articles by accessing locally installed clipping workflow systems through terminal services.

This is different from those Ninestars' customers, where the clipping process takes place locally at the Ninestars premises or using Ninestars' cloud based clipping solution CoC (= Clips on Cloud)

The clipping workflow of three customers is managed by Newbase PressProduction software, One customer uses his own clipping software, which also shows that this service does not depend on Newbase software being in use.

During all those projects Newbase had been involved in the acquisition process, in setting up special configurations, or in preparing and assisting the pilot phase (training, feedback).

For those customers using Newbase PressProduction software, the relation between the customer and Newbase will continue and cover the support on the Newbase workflow system.

Ninestars is responsible for the remote clipping. Clipping expert login from remote and cut those articles, which have been pinpointed by local readers (decision based on keyword density and context) or which contain any relevant keyword (to prepare a second automatic evaluation process based on sharp profiles), or simply cut all articles.

We are looking forward to win more Newbase customers to share resources and experts and profit from distributed monitoring production!

The following articles, already published here, will give you more technical insights:

>>> Remote clipping with Newbase monitoring systems (Mai 2014)
>>> Outsourcing: combining local evaluation and remote clipping ... (Mai 2013)

>>> Ninestars Information Technologies (P) Ltd.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Company blogs - both a curse and a blessing

Since I started this company blog in 2010, the number of blog posts published per year has constantly increased and in 2014 reached a top with 40 posts. But now in 2015 till the middle of the year I have only been able to publish 7 posts (including this one) so far. What happened?

Before I dig into this, please let me explain what this blog means for Newbase: The (english) Newbase company blog is the central core element of our online and social media marketing strategy. Every post published in this blog, will also be published in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Xing, If the post contains images, these can also be found on Pinterest, and should it contain a video, this can then be found on our YouTube-channel.

Since we have followers on twitter, friends on Facebook, circles on Google+, subscribers on LinkedIn, Xing and Youtube, we can reach a large audience with every post, making sure that we stay present in our global niche market.

The blog has also developed to be one of our main sales tools, because it contains posts about most aspects of our products and services and holds links to videos and presentations. This makes it easy to use it as a great entry level for presentations - everywhere in the world available at one's fingertips.

Regarding new customer acquisition, the main goal of the blog is to make leads aware of Newbase's products and services, present to them an attractive showroom and a thorough overview about the company  and including emotions and feelings - in the end business is all about relations of human beings and a remote presentation is a great way to build up this kind of relation.

For existing customers the blog can create a permanent ongoing communication and awareness and be a source for new ideas.

These are the great blessings of a company blog!

But what happens, if your daily business does not give you time for creativity, if there are simply no great ideas, or you are simply mentally not ready to create many new posts?

Then you face the dangerous curse of a company blog!

You know exactly what kind of thoughts creep into the mind of visitors or followers, if they see the frequency of blog postings suddenly go down ....

  • are they still alive?
  • what happened?
  • is the company doing bad?
  • frustrated?
  • depressed?

Unfortunately these kinds of negative thoughts automatically come up and unfortunately they may be more influential than a constant flow of posts.

Better don't let this happen!

So once you start online and social media communication always keep in mind that a blog with the last post dated months or even years ago can be extremely bad for your image - especially if there has been a lot of activity before. Then your blog looks like a lake, who's biological balance got lost and now is a sewer.

Image taken from

Wow, I really feel getting close to this with my blog. Need to scrape some creativity out of my old brain again. Need to get out of the everyday business and look a bit beyond again ;-) Need to turn it into a nice lake again!

Image taken from

Social media marketing - still a mystery ... once you "sold your soul" to social media marketing, you can't get away from it any more.